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Why choose Us.

Through intensive research and careful experimentation, we have sourced unique, fruity ingredients to develop a tasty, slurpy and fun drink that awakens a child-like joy in each one of us.

Our Mission.

We aim to partner with local artisans and create a homegrown brand that celebrates the youthfulness and delight of fruity drinks— making a mark in every household in the country.

What we Do.

By combining the best of fruity drinks and chewy goodness, we bring you the world’s finest gourmet products in fun-loving refreshing drinks that kids and adults can both enjoy, candidly.

Flirty Bits

Indulge in a splash of juicy drinks that instantly promises child-like fun and frolic. Enriched with the mellow taste of exotic fruits, Flirty Bits was created with a passion for uninterrupted joy.Sip away the cool and refreshing drink on a hot, summery day and enjoy the tiny slivers of the luscious and supple Nata de Coco.


Silence the boredom of slurpy juice drinks with the vivacious and zippy treat of jelly drinks.A new way to re-live the icy juice pops, Chewsky pays homage to the little joys of frosty refreshments.Packed in fun pouches and filled with chunky surprises of Nata de Coco, bite away your juices, and satiate your fruit cravings.